Below is the Failure to Mark/Chalk procedure operated by the England Darts Organisation, all players entering events must read this procedure, if you enter additional players other than yourself you accept these terms on their behalf.

Failure to Mark/Chalk

The England Darts Organisation (EDO) believe that it is imperative to aid the effective running of any tournament that they run that the traditional, loser marks/chalks, is followed by all players. This is the procedure that will be enforced at all EDO run events.

Failure to mark/chalk the following match on the board the player/pair/team lost on, or another specified board by the control desk, will result in the offending player/pair/team being reported on a failure to mark/chalk form and subject to investigation, the player/pair/team will be issued with an initial fine of 10.00 per player. Persistent offenders, defined as anyone receiving a second failure to mark/chalk offence will have the fine increased to 20.00 per player.

In the unlikely event of someone receiving a third failure to mark/chalk offence, the penalty will be decided by the EDO Directors.

Any player/pair/team that has failed to mark/chalk will be debt barred from all future matches, this will include any finals or future tournaments, until the fine is paid.

The EDO are happy for players to get a replacement marker/chalker, however this is the obligation of the player(s) and should the replacement fail to mark/chalk the designated match the original player(s) will still be served with a failure to mark/chalk offence.

If a marker/chalker is not at the board when the match is ready to start, both players should return to the control desk and report it.

If you are waiting to mark/chalk a match and no players are at the board, please go back to the control desk and inform them, it may be that there is no match scheduled on the board and you will be released by the control desk or there is a delay and you will be given a time to return to the board. Only the control desk can advise you of this.

In addition to marking/chalking after losing, some players will be chosen to mark/chalk the first games in each tournament, players will be notified if they are required to do this and it will also show on the draw sheets, players who fail to mark/chalk these designated matches will not be allowed to play in the tournament.

13th July 2017